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Wellbeing Lab (Space Training Academy)

Space & Broomhouse Hub
Debbie Tomkinson
Wellbeing Lab is part of our Space Training Academy. It is a weekly programme of activities for people with learning disabilities or additional support needs, to build skills and confidence through structured training & support.

We support members to gain confidence and independence through try new things, such as cooking, digital skills, exercise and art. We aim to help people progress to find volunteering and educational opportunities in line with their life goals.

Weekly activities consist of:

  • A group session for up to 10 members to enjoy a physically distanced activity lead by our Senior Learning & Wellbeing Worker in our Large Hall at Broomhouse Hub. Members are stationed at their own table with their own equipment and mini cooker, and activities range from cooking, arts, crafts, digital skills, learning about the environment, recycling and more!
  • Two online sessions, a weekly quiz on a Tuesday 1-2pm, and online coaching on Wednesdays 10am-12pm.

Our sessions will help you gain life skills whether that be making more informed choices in the way you live, gaining confidence in the choices you make or preparing for independent living. You may want to gain more skills in a particular area and we can help you access volunteering, work experience or more training.

Service Type

Employability, Health / Mental Health, and Education and training

Client Group

Disability and Health Conditions

Target Area

All Edinburgh

Age group served

16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-50, and 50+

Pipeline Stage

Stage 1 / Engagement, Stage 2 / Barrier Removal, and Stage 3 / Vocational Activity

Outreach offered


Target client group

No qualifications or experience is needed to be a Wellbeing Lab Member however we ask that you are keen to be part of a group and to want to learn new skills with us plus try out other opportunities such as doing qualifications or trying out volunteering. The Wellbeing lab is about positivity and learning in a relaxed environment while being fully supported in the activities that you participate in.

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