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Joined Up for Integration - Evaluation Focus Groups

Thanks to all who took part in Joined Up for Integration events in 2018.

As the project has now ended, we are looking to evaluate the success of it. We will be carrying out focus groups for those who attended the events as part of this evaluation and would like to invite you to attend.

Focus groups will be on the afternoon of Thursday 14 March (1pm and 2.30pm) and the morning of Friday 15 March (9.30am).

Each focus group will last for one hour and will take place in Capital City Partnership’s offices at 165a Leith Walk, Edinburgh.

Focus groups will be facilitated independently by someone outside of the JUIP team.

The Joined Up for Integration training programme was made up of events, workshops and learning activities as follows:

  • Apply with Conviction (23 March 2018)
  • Basic Employment Rights (26 March 2018)
  • Health Connections (27 March 2018)
  • Youth Connections (23 April 2018)
  • Benefits for Young People (15 May 2018)
  • Conflict resolution (23 May 2018)
  • Financial Connections (24 May 2018)
  • Health Minds (13 June 2018)
  • Safe Talk (13 June 2018)
  • Mental Health for Young People (19 July 2018)
  • Volunteering (31 July 2018)
  • Criminal Justice (25 September 2018)
  • Social Media (21 November 2018)
  • LGBTI (Tuesday 27 November 2018)

We are looking for people that have attended one or more of the sessions. Participants will be asked what their initial expectations and motivations were for attending, what their subsequent use of knowledge/skills gained has been used for in practice (if not why not) and their overall reflections of the session(s).

To book a space, please email stating which date/time suits you. We appreciate that everyone has a range of competing priorities but would really value your views to help evaluate this project and inform any future activity.

Refreshments will be provided to thank you for your time!


14th March 2019


Capital City Partnership Offices, 165a Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8NR.




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