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Edinburgh Poverty Commission – JUFJ Provider Workshop

Throughout 2019 the Edinburgh Poverty Commission is working to define the steps the city needs to make to prevent and reduce the damage caused by poverty in Edinburgh.

The Commission is an independent group, made up of 12 people with experience of tackling poverty and its effects, including citizens who have direct experience of living in poverty in Edinburgh.

Over the next few months, we want to focus on the theme of ‘Prospects – what we can do to improve the life chances of people in poverty.

We know that almost anyone can experience poverty at some point during their lives, and that the experience of poverty has significant impacts on people’s health, well-being and opportunities. People in poverty are more likely to die sooner and to have fewer years free of ill-health or disability than more affluent families. We also know that children from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve poorer results in school, and that people in poverty of all ages face real challenges in accessing and maintaining well paid work.

To help us, we want to hear from people across the city who have experience of living with or supporting people facing these issues.

We want to hear your thoughts on how poverty affects people’s lives and opportunities. We also want to hear about ways the city can do more to reduce those impacts and improve life chances for people struggling to get by in Edinburgh.

At this workshop you will have a chance to hear more about the work of the Commission and to help us in a discussion on two core questions we want to address in the next few months:

  1. What are the barriers that make it difficult for people in poverty to get a job, work more hours, or progress to better paid jobs? and
  2. What works? In your experience, what could the city do more of to help people avoid or reduce the damage caused by poverty.

The workshop will run from 10.30 to 12.30 on Wednesday 1 May. If you would like to attend, please email

For more details please visit us at will open in a new window), or contact us directly at


1st May 2019


Norton Park Conference Centre
57 Albion Rd




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