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Data Capital Podcast

Edinburgh is becoming a hub for data, and has the ambition to become the Data Capital of Europe. Our podcast series - called Data Capital - will look at a range of projects that aim to make that dream reality.

Data Capital delves into how data and Artificial Intelligence are all around us, every day. Do you worry that every part of our lives is being transformed by data and AI? Perhaps it excites you?

Episode 1: Can data help bring tourists back to Edinburgh?

In the first episode, we explore how data is invaluable to the tourism industry. In 2020,  Edinburgh’s world-renowned Fringe festival was cancelled, leaving the city eerily quiet in what normally is a peak time for tourism. Josh Ryan-Saha, an expert in data and tourism with the Data Driven Innovation programme talks about the catastrophic drop-in visitors to Edinburgh caused by the pandemic - and how data might help bring the tourists back and help the city’s hospitality businesses recover. He is also joined by Galina Andreeva and Ewelina Lacka of the University of Edinburgh, who are involved in innovative data research projects to address these fundamental issues to the Edinburgh city region economy. The panel discuss how their findings can be part of the solution to help the city recover - and why they will never complain about too many tourists in Scotland’s capital again.

Can data help families escape poverty and social isolation?

In the second episode of the series, we examine how data can support families in the Edinburgh city region suffering from poverty and social isolation. A new project, the Intensive Family Support Service, is harnessing data to ensure the benefits of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal - especially new job opportunities  - are fairly spread throughout society. Sarah Galey-Horn of the University of Edinburgh discusses how the new project is seeking to find great examples of family support and to share that brilliant work across the region.  She is joined by Kate Kelman of the Capital City Partnership and Laura Millar from Fife Gingerbread to explain how data is used and how expertise is pooled to make the lives of families across the city region better. The panel also explores how the pandemic has changed their approach to tackling this issue. From Fife Gingerbread organising evenings for lone parents on zoom to parents building support networks online

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