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Scottish Childminding Association – free "Access to Childminding" offer

The Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) is offering free before/after school childcare to Edinburgh parents working with employability services who meet the eligibility criteria - up to 12 weeks of care with a childminder for a maximum of 15 hours per week. Once a referral is received a matching process is undertaken by the SCMA to suit the needs of the family. The information flyer shown provides more information and outlines:

  • The parental groups that are eligible.
  • Contact details and an applicaiton form for referring organisations.

The funding has been designed to support parents in the eligible groups to get up and running financially in their first few weeks/months of a new job. Part of the agreement is that the parent can afford to keep the placement going once the funding finishes. Please note that during school holidays only, some flexibility is possible (for example, a maximum of two full days of care could be offered instead of 15 hours across the week).

Places are available now, though are limited. Any organisations working with parents who may benefit from this offer are encouraged to make enquiries and/or apply as soon as possible.

Ruth Sherpa

Childminding Development Officer A2C

Scottish Childminding Association

Tel: 01506 829933 / 07551 588 391


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