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Positive Destinations Courses

Edinburgh Leisure’s Positive Destinations project uses the power of sport to help disadvantaged young people transition into education, employment, and training.

Positive Destinations aims to improve employability and education by increasing motivation and confidence, by supporting personal development, and encouraging learning. The project is open to those aged between 14 and 24.

What can Positive Destinations offer?

We are happy to be offering different courses during the different Levels of COVID-19 restrictions. Level dependant, we can adapt our learning content to include a blend of online learning, live streaming and pre-recorded content, independent study, and face to face outdoor and some indoor delivery where restrictions allow. We are happy to offer this support to your school or organisation, we can offer short term one-day workshops, courses or longer-term qualifications to the young people you work with. Here are the many different courses we can deliver at your school or organisation during this period.

Short Term: Raise Aspirations and Develop Life Skills
  • Day Courses, give young people an insight into what fundamental and transferable skills are needed in the workplace and how to build on these skills.
  • Workshops, aim to develop communication, teamwork, leadership, and organisation skills, through mock interviews, teamwork tasks and problem-solving challenges.
  • Pre-recorded Videos, these videos touch on what Edinburgh Leisure look for when employing their workforce and look at how different life skills are used in sport.
Medium Term: Find out if coaching is for you and get rewarded for it
  • One day Sports Leaders courses. Gives a glimpse into what a full sports leaders course will look like, while also working on key leadership skills.
  • SFA level 1.1 Introduction to coaching course. An opportunity to gain a coaching qualification with the Scottish FA and start on the children’s football pathway. This is a great course to be on and gain excellent knowledge from SFA coaches.
Long Term: Get Qualified by gaining recognised qualifications
  • Sports Leaders Level 4/5 award. A brilliant qualification to learn and understand key life and leadership skills that are used in the workplace, through a sporting background. The course also touches on health, lifestyle, and fitness choices. Sport leaders is a great confidence builder and a good qualification to have on your CV. This course usually runs as 12 2-3hour sessions.
  • National Pool Lifeguard Qualification. A fantastic qualification to have, as you will be a fully qualified lifeguard and have a chance at getting employed after the course. The course is a 5–6-day course with a test at the end of the week.
Other information

After a course, participants will have access to continued professional development through guidance and signposting to future training and education opportunities.

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