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Data Detox: Take control of your personal data online

Feel like you’re sharing too much data? Have you let yourself install too many apps, clicked “I agree” too many times, or generally feel like you’ve made too many accounts?

We’ll show you how to take back control of your digital privacy – but without having to give up your smartphone. Learn about how companies use data to track you, and we’ll show you steps to reduce the amount of data stored about you. No technical knowledge required.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how companies gather and process your personal data
  • Learn tips about reducing the amount of data stored about you
  • Practical: How to “data detox” your online accounts
  • Practical: Adjusting your settings so you share only what you’re comfortable with.

To be eligible to take part you need to:

  • Work in Fife, Lothians and Scottish Borders
  • Be 24 years of age or above.

Depending upon demand and funding, there may be potential to extend delivery of The Data Lab courses across Scotland. If you don't meet the eligibility criteria for these dates, you can register your interest in future dates here(this will open in a new window).

This course is delivered by Digital Skills Education in partnership with Scottish Union Learning and fully funded by The Data Lab.

For the Data Lab Privacy Statement, please follow the link: will open in a new window)

The course will be offered twice on 17th and 24th June. Please register your preference using one of the two links below.

Start date

17th June 2021



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