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Bank of Scotland Foundation expands funding programmes for Scottish charities

Bank of Scotland Foundation(this will open in a new window), an independent charity supporting people and their local communities across Scotland, has started to expand its funding programmes.

‘Supporting Positive Change Across Scotland’ is the Foundation’s five-year strategic plan which will see a range of new funding programmes open in 2019 and 2020 as the Foundation rethinks its approach to how it invests and becomes a more flexible grant maker.

The Foundation’s funding programmes will change from Small, Medium and Large Grants to Reach, Advise, Invest and Change.

Change(this will open in a new window) opened on 2 September until 25 September and aims to promote positive change across Scotland, with the focus on the impact on charities that address disadvantage or social exclusion. Funding requests should focus on large scale projects or capital costs and ensure continued and reliable support for people across Scotland. Organisations applying must be a charity registered in Scotland, operational for more than one year with an income of £500,000 or more.

Reach(this will open in a new window) is also open until 3 October 2019. It can provide funding of up to £20,000 for charities that can demonstrate they address disadvantage or social exclusion and will reach the most vulnerable people across Scotland, to provide them with opportunity and equality and making positive, sustainable change. Organisations apply must be charities registered in Scotland, operational for more than one year and with an income of less the £1 million.

The Advise and Invest programmes will open in 2020. Advise(this will open in a new window) will improve Financial Advice and Financial Literacy for people across Scotland. Invest(this will open in a new window) will put charities in a more stable position by providing core funding to relieve the pressures they face of financial uncertainty and increased demand.

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