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STUC/Trade union safety offer to non-unionised workplaces

Health and Safety at Work – A safe return to work

The Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC), Scottish Hazards and trade unions are making a safety at work offer to non-union employers and workers. Trade union reps in Scotland are signing up to assist non-union businesses and companies in their efforts for the safest possible return to work and to provide a helping hand to anxious workers.

Trade Unions and the STUC have been named alongside The Police, Local Authority Environmental Staff and The Health and Safety Executive as agencies to assist with workplaces both operating at present and re-opening over the coming weeks and months. STUC and trade unions believe they have some of the key approaches to building healthier and safer workplaces and concurrently better sustainable companies and businesses. Trained union reps are proven communicators putting health and safety into everyday language.

To begin the process of arranging a safety visit non-union workers or employers can email STUC will then make further arrangements for contact.

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