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Capital City Partnership (CCP) is the lead partner delivering the Integrated Knowledge System (IKS) project under the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal – delivered in partnership with Integrated Employer Engagement (IEE). CCP is looking for the development, ongoing hosting and technical support that will allow the management of content for a region-wide employability website. This site will have to respond to managing content for two key groups of stakeholders (users) – jobseekers (citizens and returning employability clients) and employers.

What Do We Need?

CCP has procured a CRM/MIS to be used by 6 local authorities to manage their employability services. This MIS/CRM system is provided by Hanlon Software Solutions and the operating name for the new system is Helix. However, the procured system doesn’t include an external public-facing entry point (website) therefore we are looking to secure a developer to build and maintain this website. The URL for this site will be, this domain has already been purchased.

Any engagement with the content such as “log in”, “book now”, “apply”, “register” etc. will all be handled with embedded forms from our stand-alone MIS/CRM system. This is the “front page” that pulls these options together in a manageable/navigable way and allows additional information and resources to be built around the functionality of the back-end system.

We are inviting you to submit a quote for the above opportunity. Budget allocation for initial website design, build and implementation £24,000 – inclusive of VAT. Please provide within the proposal any additional costs such as day rate for development work, annual service charge, licenses and retainer options. The deadline for the product launch is 1 April 2022 (there is flexibility with the completion date by mutual agreement by CCP and successful supplier).

Please respond with your completed application form by 12 noon on Monday 31st January 2022.

Completed application forms should be submitted to; Integrated Knowledge Systems (ESES City Region Deal), CCP at

Should you have any questions meantime regarding this specification and invitation to quote, please contact Matthew Heap at

View the full specification paper below.

Closing date

31st January 2022

Ongoing funding


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