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Edinburgh 2050 City Vision Charter

2050 Edinburgh City Vision

We spent 24 months listening to more than 20,000 citizens and collecting over 50,000 visions of Edinburgh’s future. Their voices have been distilled into one, unified vision:

Our city in the words of our citizens: the values Edinburgh's people shared.

Our vision tells the story of a pioneering, welcoming, thriving and fair city that belongs to all of us - and where we all belong.

To build Edinburgh’s bright future, our institutions and our citizens will pledge to embrace three guiding principles:

  • Community led – power and responsibility for change will be shared with citizens, thanks to voluntary changes from all sectors. Community representatives will have a place at the table and will be given the opportunity to drive change.
  • Cohesive – a sense of togetherness and open communication is essential in helping us all work together to create a bright future for Edinburgh.
  • Collaborative – ensuring we are all included in decisions about Edinburgh and its citizens is key. Our sectors are varied and valuable, we’ll foster ways to help them complement each other.

Find out more and view the charter here: will open in a new window).

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