Caselink is the management information system currently used by around 60 projects delivering employability support services in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian.

It was developed by ICONI Software for Capital City Partnership (CCP) in 2009 and was significantly upgraded in October 2012.

The system has five main advantages:

  • For the contract managers at CCP and the City of Edinburgh Council, it provides a reporting tool to examine activity and outcomes
  • For the projects it provides a day to day management system that can be used for case-managing clients, recording meetings, looking at the caseloads of team members, etc.
  • For the programme as a whole, it provides an accurate overview of the client journey
  • It functions as a local research tool
  • It enables more efficient auditing.

Access Caselink here(this will open in a new window).(this will open in a new window)


If you have any questions or would like to attend a training session, please contact Chris Nicol, Business Intelligence Manager, on 07752 795 551. Alternatively, download the FAQ sheet below or click the links for the video tutorials to assist with any queries you may have.


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