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Access Potential (Access To Industry)

Access To Industry
Laura Bucke

Access Potential has been developed to introduce young people to the Arts through a variety of creative medias. There will also be the opportunity to build on employability skills, gain access to accredited training and move into positive destinations.

The course will offer one-to-one sessions, carried out by a Caseworker, to build positive relationships and begin to establish main areas of support. Activities will be developed around confidence, resilience and positive decision making. There will also be access to an 8-week creative course, covering media, drama and music.

In additional, there will be skills training on Disclosure and writing a Disclosure Letter; CV building, job searching and mock interview support. Group work will be in place to help build on soft employability skills including time keeping, communication and teamwork, which helps build confidence. Plus accredited training courses in REHIS Food Hygiene; REHIS health and Safety; REHIS First Aid at work and World Host.

The course outcomes will be:

  • Adult Achievement Award
  • Working with professionals in the creative and media industries
  • SQA working with others qualifications
  • REHIS Qualifications
  • Progression to work with EdinMe Caseworkers

Service Type

Employability, Health / Mental Health, Education and training, and Addictions

Client Group

Criminal Convictions

Target Area

All Edinburgh

Age group served

16-19 and 20-24

Pipeline Stage

Stage 2 / Barrier Removal and Stage 3 / Vocational Activity

Outreach offered


Unemployed young people aged 16-24 who have dropped out of activity, are unemployed and have barriers to employment due to their convictions.

What to expect:

- One-to-one session’s to build positive relationships.

- Support withdisclosure and writing adisclosure letter.

- CV building, jobsearching andmock interview support.

- Group work to help build on soft employability skills.

- An introduction to the Arts through a variety of creative medias.


- Aged 16-24 years old living in Edinburgh

- Community Payback Order (CPO)

- Supervision, Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO)

- Supervised Release Order (SRO)

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