Helix is the name for the new MIS/CRM system for Employability and Skills which is being implemented as part of the Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Deal, under the Integrated Knowledge System (IKS) project. 

This system will bring the six Local Authorities covered by the City Deal (City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian, Fife and Scottish Borders) under the same system using common data language. 

The system is provided by Hanlon Software Solutions who were successful in the procurement process that was explicitly designed to have a long-term, partnership approach.

Helix Guides

Please download the available Helix Guides below. We plan to add more soon.

If you require the Helix Client Module or Enterprise Module guide in Word format, please email helix@capitalcitypartnership.org. For the Reporting Guide in Word format, please email gordon.kilgour@capitalcitypartnership.org,  otherwise download the guides below.

Glossary of Helix Reports (Excel)(this will open in a new window)

Helix FAQs

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Why has Helix been created?

Across the region, there is a wide range of systems currently in use from different suppliers, with no alignment or common data language. The new system will be a product upgrade, allowing expanded functionality as well as giving economy of scale and creating a single change process to respond to developments in the wider skills and employability landscape. Implementing a new MIS/CRM is one of the core elements of the IKS project.

Who is managing the project?

The IKS project is being managed by Capital City Partnership for the City Deal. If you would like to get in touch, please email iks@capitalcitypartnership.org.

What happens once I am on Helix?

Once migrated across and familiar with Helix, there will be the opportunity to look at additional functionality that is already available within the Hanlon product. Not all the product features will be beneficial to all providers or programmes, so this will be implemented based on need and the number of clients and providers that will be involved.

The system will continue to be developed, with new features added based on Hanlon’s own development pathway and with development requests from the Helix group.

Who manages Helix?

A financial oversight group has been created of senior managers from the 6 Local Authorities to look at the costs, usage and development budget of the system.

There will also be a supergroup made of a nominated lead from each region who will meet regularly to discuss the system.

How does it work across all the different projects in the region?

By having a centrally aligned data language, it means there is, for the first time, the ability to get a true picture of the employability delivery across the region. The system has been created to match the language set by key funders, primarily the Scottish Government No One Left Behind. 

The system is being designed with the Shared Measurement Framework in mind and will be updated to reflect that language. Reports can be created centrally and shared with different providers/projects to reduce duplication of work at the end of the month/quarter.

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