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Helix Training - Training Courses and Events Modules

Event date: 28 September 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams

An overview of the Training Course and Events modules for Helix users from 10:00-11:30am.

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Helix Training - Reporting and Dashboards

Event date: 28 September 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams

An overview of Reporting and Dashboards for Helix users from 14:00-15:30

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A Day in the Life of a Digital Applications Support Apprentice

Event date: 28 September 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams

Hey, future tech trailblazers!

Ready to dive into the digital wonderland? Well, mark your calendars for the most awesome event of the month 🗓️

Picture this: You, conquering the digital realm, flexing those tech muscles, and having a blast while doing it. It's not just a dream - it's your ticket to the coolest gig in town!

Join us for a digital rendezvous on Thursday, September 28th, at 4pm.

We've got the lowdown straight from a QA Apprenticeship Ambassador – spillin' the beans about our Digital Support Applications apprenticeships. 💡

And hey, don't think it's all jargon and seriousness. Nope, this is your gateway to a world where you'll master Web Wizardry, Network Ninja skills, Graphic Design Magic, and even the art of Content Creation Awesomeness.

But that's not all, this adventure isn't just about learning – it's about launching yourself into a career that's as vibrant as your favourite GIFs. Think Office Guru, Website Wizard, or even the legendary Application Superhero!

So, gather your virtual squad, set your alarms, and join us for the online shindig you won't want to miss.

We're geeking out, spilling the secrets, and getting ready to show you the magic behind the digital curtain at 4pm on September 28th! 🕓

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Free Employability Sessions

Event date: 4 October 2023
Location: Community Renewal 31 Bingham Avenue Edinburgh EH15 3HZ

Free employability sessions for unemployed Edinburgh residents who feel that their nationality or ethnicity are proving a barrier to work.

Wednesday 4th October 10.30 - 12 p.m. at Community Renewal Bingham

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A Day in the Life of an IT Support Apprentice

Event date: 25 October 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams

Hey there, tech-savvy pals!

🕒 Mark your calendars for a super cool event that's going down on Wednesday 25th October 2023 at 3pm.

We're spilling the beans on how to kick-start your journey into the IT universe with QA Apprenticeships. So, whether you're a coding aficionado or just want to know more about the digital realm, this event is your golden ticket! 🎟️

So, what's the scoop on what you'll be diving into? Think Networking Concepts, Operating System Wizardry, Systems Security Secrets, and even a dash of Cloud Magic!

But that's not all, folks! The magic of IT Support apprenticeships doesn't stop there. You could find yourself strutting into careers like Service Desk Superstar, IT Support Guru, or even the Office Support Whiz! 💼🚀

If you're up for a digital adventure that could change your future game, this is your golden ticket! 🎟️

Bring your curiosity, bring your pals, and let's geek out together at 3pm on October 25th!

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