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ASH Scotland (JasonTax)

8, Frederick Street
Jim O'Rorke

ASH Scotland (Action on Smoking and Health) is the independent Scottish charity taking action to reduce the harm caused by tobacco

ASH Scotland provides free training and resources to; third sector providers, schools, colleages and universities, NHS and local authorities.

There are free resources that can be accessed at:

On-line and face-to-face training (when allowed) on the harmful effects of smoking on mental health

Service Type

Health / Mental Health, Education and training, and Addictions

Target Area

All Edinburgh

Outreach offered


Any worker (including NHS) or volunteer who offers support to; people with mental health problems, young people; unemployed (16-24).

Any worker wijhta wellbeing role in schools, colleages and universities.

Tobacco use is a major contributor to health and financial inequalities.

Organizations and Service Users can achieve better outcomes in improving employability skills, vocational training and in choosing, getting and keeping a job if they support people to address their tobacco use and nicotine addiction.

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