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One Parent Families Scotland (One Parent Families Scotland)

2 York Place
Brock Lueck
0131 556 3899

One Parent Families Scotland Edinburgh offers a range of support and information to single parents, including help in personal and skills development leading to family-friendly employment. We aim to ensure that single-parent families in Edinburgh have the support, confidence and contacts to play a full part in the economic and social life of the city.

We do this through 1:1 support in parents home or community venues. We deliver our successful Preparing for the future courses which support confidence building through to job seeking skills while linking single parents with each other. As an organisation, we understand the isolation that can come with parenting on your own, and foster relationships and the shared motivation that often comes with that. We also support parents with practical barriers such as childcare and benefit transitions that can hold them back from finding the right job.

Service Type

Employability, Health / Mental Health, Education and training, and Money / Benefits

Client Group

Lone Parents

Target Area

All Edinburgh

Age group served

16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-50, and 50+

Pipeline Stage

Stage 1 / Engagement, Stage 2 / Barrier Removal, Stage 3 / Vocational Activity, Stage 4 / Job Matching, and Stage 5 / Upskilling & Aftercare

Outreach offered


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