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Project Esperanza Empolyability (Project Esperanza)

1 Waterfront Avenue

We're Womanist initiative dedicated to bringing race and faith-sensitive specialist services&culturally appropriate support for women of African and other diverse cultural heritages in Edinburgh.

The overreaching goal of our Employability Skills Programme is to empower unemployed adults, facilitating their transition into long term employment by enhancing their key transferable skills.

Our beneficiares are offered both one-to-one and group support to enable first steps to employment.

Our comprehensive programme is designed to guide individuals through the refinrmrnt of essential competencies, including experly crafted CV writting, mastering interviev techniques, honting IT skills, and obtaining accredited qualifications from SQA and other recognised institutions.

Service Type


Age group served

20-24, 25-29, 30-50, and 50+

Pipeline Stage

Stage 1 / Engagement, Stage 2 / Barrier Removal, Stage 3 / Vocational Activity, Stage 4 / Job Matching, and Stage 5 / Upskilling & Aftercare

Outreach offered


Our employability officer provides patient and culturally nuanced support for your employment r training journey, understanding the challenges of accesing the employability ladder in the UK.

We specialise in assisting non-native English speaers, breaking language barriers and offering unique insights from our officer's personal experience as a non-native speaker in the UK.

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