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Venture Scotland - Journey To Change (Venture Scotland)

4 Norton Park
David Brackenridge
#ChangingYoungLives Outdoors

Venture Scotland offers young people aged 16-30 year old a 4 stage progressive personal development programme based in the outdoors, lasting up to a year, focused on helping to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

By taking part in weekly outdoor activities (canoeing, rock climbing, gorge walking, coasteering, etc.) and weekly development sessions (1-2-1's, behaviour theories, problem-solving, team building, etc.) we ask you to step outside your comfort zone. We use regular group reviews to explore our feelings and emotions and develop trust. Every 8 weeks we undertake a residential to a remote highland bothy, to focus on how we can change our lives in a positive way and follow our dreams.

Service Type

Health / Mental Health

Client Group

Care experienced, Disability, Homeless / at risk of homelessness, Substance misuse, LGBT+, BME Groups, Criminal Convictions, Lone Parents, Health Conditions, and Long term unemployed

Target Area

North east, North west, South east, South west, and All Edinburgh

Age group served

16-19, 20-24, and 25-29

Pipeline Stage

Stage 1 / Engagement, Stage 2 / Barrier Removal, and Stage 3 / Vocational Activity

Outreach offered


Young people aged 16-30 who are committed to making positive changes in their lives (even if they don't know how to!). In particular, we would with young people at risk of poor mental health, homelessness, substance use, past trauma, criminal justice issues or autism. The main criteria is you have to want to change.

Venture Scotland is a unique experience unlike any other. You DON'T need to be 'outdoorsy' to be able to complete the course, just willing to give things a go. Our course has 4 stages (Challenge, Discover, Explore and Leadership) and you only sign up for one stage at a time. YOU decide how much of the course is right for you at this time.

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