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WorkingRite - Leith Pioneers (WorkingRite)

Catchpell House
Jessie D'Cunha

WorkingRite's Leith Pioneers Project is the practical pathway to a job or apprenticeship.

We help young people get their foot in the door, regardless of their academic background or previous experience. We therefore individually match young people to local businesses for work placements lasting up to six months.

The WorkingRite model is "relational". This means that we take a whole-person approach to support. We start with "what matters to you", and take things from there. Essentially, WorkingRite is a mentoring project that uses employment as the vehicle for transformational change. We believe that choice, control and agency are the ways to achieve this.

For more information on current provision and how to refer contact Jessie D'Cunha.

Our trainees learn in a proper workplace, receive one-to-one mentoring, earn a weekly allowance and are given the chance to prove themselves in the real world of work.

We recruit local businesses keen to take a young person under their wing to ‘earn while they learn’.

Each trainee has their own mentor chosen from the workforce of that business to pass on what they know.

Service Type

Employability, Health / Mental Health, and Education and training

Client Group

Care experienced, Homeless / at risk of homelessness, Substance misuse, LGBT+, BME Groups, Criminal Convictions, Lone Parents, Health Conditions, and Long term unemployed

Target Area

North east, North west, and All Edinburgh

Age group served

16-19 and 20-24

Pipeline Stage

Stage 1 / Engagement, Stage 2 / Barrier Removal, Stage 3 / Vocational Activity, and Stage 4 / Job Matching

Outreach offered


Our primary target group is young people who reside in North Edinburgh. We can discuss individuak young people who fall out with this area on a case by case basis.

WorkingRite is a relationship-based model of learning. Quite simply designed to inspire young people to succeed: after all… everyone remembers their first boss!

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