Client Module FAQs

Can you make the text size bigger?

The system works with your web browser so can you have it zoomed in to make it bigger. The system also looks smaller when shared on Teams compared to when using on own computer.

How long does it take for a request to share a client to be approved?

This will depend on the other user and them accessing Helix, but this can be bypassed if needed.

How can you get a copy of registration forms as hard copy for signatures?

Pressing “Control” + “P” brings up the Printing options to all you to get a hard copy for signature/filing.

Can you upload saved emails to client records?

Yes, however one of the file types is a security risk so you can only upload .msg and .mht file formats.

Can you refer people to services living in different local authorities?

Eventually, with the 6 local authorities of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland region – yes. However, not to other areas e.g. Glasgow or Dundee.

Is there an automatic timeout that logs you out after a certain length of time?

Yes. You will automatically be logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Why won’t backspace work when removing a National Insurance (NI) number?

When editing a NI number, you need to select all and retype the correct NI number.

How do I make sure a client does not receive emails?

If the client is happy to be contacted you tick the box next to email or mobile number indicating their preference. Leaving it blank will mean that they do not get contacted.

How do I remove a client?

If you see the redact button you can remove most of the client details but retain some overview details to pull into reports.

How can I reduce the number of notifications I get?

Notifcation settings can be edited in the caseworker set up section.

Can the calendar be exported to Outlook?

No. Unfortunately the calender does not export to outlook.

Do any other platforms work with the system?

Teams and Skype can both be integrated with Helix.

Where can I store a video or other large files?

When adding a document, 99% will happily fit within Helix but for very large files, choose the Documents External option.

What's the difference between 'date actual' and 'date agreed'?

Date agreed was the target date for the action, date actual is when the action was achieved.

How long can notes be backdated?

There is no cut-off date to write notes.

How many people can attend an online meeting?

This should not be restricted by numbers as it is linked to MS Teams and Skype.

Where would you go to change an address?

'Profile' and/or 'Detail' would be the best places to change an address.

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