Reporting Module FAQs

Is it possible to delete search criteria?

Yes. To delete saved/existing criteria on the criteria builder page, press the load button and select the previously saved criteria. Once loaded, press the delete button to the right-hand side. This will remove the criteria. If you want to keep it and alter it, press the load button, make the changes and press the save as button (to rename it) or save button again.

If your report runs over more than one page, can you compact it?

Yes. Reports can be compacted by exporting them out into excel/pdf etc. Otherwise, you would need to remove data to compact it.

Is there an upper limit on records that can be included in an Export or Pivot Report?

There is no limit for export or pivot reports. You can include as many or as few records as you want. 

Joined Up for Young People

The latest information on youth provision and the JUfYP forum.

Joined Up for Young People

JUfJ provider forum

Past minutes, agendas, future dates, general information about the Joined Up for Jobs forum.

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Customer charter

The Customer Charter Award encourages services to share best practice and work together to ensure the needs of all stakeholders are met.

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The Network of Employability Support and Training (NEST) is a programme of grant-funded providers supporting clients in Edinburgh with employability.

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No-one Left Behind – Activity Agreements

Information on the new No-one Left Behind – Activity Agreement hubs in Edinburgh.

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Parental Employment Support Fund

Find out about the eight projects in Edinburgh providing employability support for parents both in and out of work, helping to tackle in-work poverty.

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Barclay’s 100x100 Funding

Information on the Barclay’s 100x100 programme to support vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19 and to alleviate the associated social and economic hardship caused by the crisis.

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